Learn to wheelie 100% safe!

At the Wheelie School you can go to learn a wheelie in a 100% safe way.
Our specially prepared motorcycles are equipped with a mechanism that makes it impossible to fall!
With our professional guidance we teach you all steps to the perfect wheelie in 4 hours.
Success guaranteed!


Do you want to learn the wheelie, But are you afraid of crashing? Unfortunately, it often goes wrong when you go out and practice this by yourself, resulting in damage to the motorcycle or physical injury.
At the Wheelie School you learn all the steps of the wheelie in a safe and controlled manner. With our specially prepared motorcycles it is impossible to crash and you can focus 100% on the technique.
The workshops are given by John den Ouden, professional motorcycle stuntrider with more than 15 years experience.

Practical information

  • Workshop lasts 4 hours
  • In the morning from 9:30 am to 13:30 pm
  • Or in the afternoon from 14:00 pm to 18:00 pm
  • Maximum 4 participants per workshop
  • Specially prepared motorcycles from the Wheelie School



The Wheelie School uses Kawasaki Z400s, these motorcycles have a special construction that makes it impossible to fall.
We can adjust this step by step so that you can always go a step further while learning the wheelie.
Furthermore, the motorcycles are fully standard, so you can easily switch to your own motorcycle after the workshop.


The Wheelie School has locations across Belgium.
These are easily accessible and have sufficient parking space.
We are also easily accessible by public transport.
Look at the calendar for a workshop near you.

Our Locations:


Wheelie lessons from 275, - per person

Maximum 4 people per course


Learn to wheelie the safe way!