Terms and Conditions

The participant is aware of the fact that participation in the Wheelie School entails the risk of property damage and personal injury (personal injury), including consequential damage, for both the participant and third parties. The participant explicitly accepts these risks.

The organization, sponsors and Wheelieschool.be do not accept any liability for any damage whatsoever - irrespective of what that damage consists of and how it occurred - that a participant suffers in connection with his or her participation in the Wheelie School or third parties or other causes participants. The participant declares that he will not hold or hold the organization and the sponsors liable and indemnify them against any damage suffered, tangible or intangible, injury damage below

The participant declares that during the Wheelie School he or she will make use of the compulsory safety regulations which consist of wearing a CE approved helmet, motorcycle jacket with back protector, motorcycle gloves and sturdy (motorcycle) shoes.

Participants who fail to abide by the above regulations, fail to follow instructor directions or act recklessly will be denied access to the Wheelie School without compensation.

The organization and instructors try to do everything possible to have each participant successfully perform a wheelie. The chance of success depends on many factors such as the driving skills of the participant and how well he or she follows the instructions during the lessons.

The use of alcohol or drugs before or during the Wheelie School is strictly prohibited and participants who do not observe this rule will be denied access to the Wheelie School without compensation.

WheelieSchool.be does not recommend practicing wheelies on public roads and is in no way liable for any fines or accidents resulting from this.

In case of unforeseen severe weather conditions such as storms, snow or black ice, the booked date can be moved to another day without a refund.

In the event of damage to the engines due to reckless driving behavior, ignoring the instructions of the instructors or concealing a health risk (both physical and mental), compensation can be claimed from the participant in question.

Every Wheelie School participant acknowledges having read and agreeing to the above terms.

If a participant is under the age of 18, the safeguard clause must be countersigned by its legal representative or by a person authorized by its legal representative.

Canceling a booking:
We always try to find a solution in the most human way possible when you unexpectedly cannot be present on your booking date.
You can change your booking free of charge to another date and / or location up to 7 days before the start date, this can be done by telephone or e-mail.
If the term is less than 7 days, we are forced to charge 50% of the costs through lost income, unless a replacement can be found to take your place.
Don't show up without letting us know you are rejecting your right to a refund or choosing a different date.

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